Sunday, November 05, 2006

Denton - The Reivers Way

Hear The Track Here

Starting off November's reviews in the right and proper manner, here is a brand new name to me (and I bet to you too) from Soundclick. The very first thing that impressed me about this artist is that he cites the late, but immortal, Rory Gallagher as one of his influences. For those who have no idea who this guy, click the link and give yourself an education in modern Irish music history. Rory Gallager was/is one of the very best blues guitarists I have ever heard, as well as being a pretty good interpreter of this most difficult of genres. Now, seeing as Denton works in the same genre (Instrumental:Rock) I should be looking forward to this a lot...

It is nice to start off a review month with some rock rather than the usual sturm and drang and - to be honest - I wish I could say something nice about this track but try as I might I just can't. Not because of anything that the musician is doing wrong (more on that later), but because of the blandness of the material. If it's meant to be a retro-ish sound (think the Ventures. The Shadows but with a bit more rock meat on its bones) then it succeeds extremely well. If then, this was the artists intention then all well and good because it that respect it works.

Where it doesn't work is to drag the listener into a track that has appeal and interest - unless you are another guitarist of course. Structurally, you will know and recognise this track because you will have heard it before in other guises. Musically, its a kinda sorta blend of rock and slight jazz influences, particularly in the backing track, but I'm afraid the tone and dexterity of the leads lines do not punch their weight - unless of course the retro sound is the context, in which case it's exactly what you would expect. Personally, I'd want to hear a couple of other tracks to really get to know this artist, and this doesn't really do it for me. Pleasant sure, but SC is awash with pleasant...know what I mean? Denton, if you think I am getting at you, believe me I am not. Merely stating my opinion. My opinion is that you should get more tracks online and let us have real look at you.

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