Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Tin Gods - Mouth Shut

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OK I can admit a certain amount of the usual puzzlement that surrounds me, but I could have sworn this was something to do with the SC artist Big Wheel? Hey, maybe an earlier incarnation? Welp, judging by the photo on the band page these guys could be older than me and that would be seriously worrying - at least for them. I've had a couple of thousand years to get used to the concept and am used to being numbered among the undead...

So, where was I? Hey, where'd everybody go??

I'm not a big fan of Alternative, not the kind of whine I like at all. Mine comes in bottles and gets you absolutely slaughtered THEN puts you to sleep. Mind you, given that this is an old track (or so I believe) there is a definitely dated feel to it. There again, just throwing a sound like this into one genre is meaningless, there are shades of everything in here from Cheap Trick to prog rock. The Cheap Trick comparison will become evident once you hear the chorus, and IMHO this is the real meat and potatoes of the track, and for me one of it's eventual saviours.

Mouth Shut takes a while to really register though, so a play or two isn't really going to do it justice, there's a solid, knowledgeable song at the heart of this track. It's obviously had some form of professional arrangement, as well as a credible production. It's in the production that dates this track, I am reminded of tracks I was making ten, fifteen years ago while listening to this. Put it like this, there is enough going on in here that I think I'll hang on to it for a while. That's partly because I do like the track itself but it also evokes in me the process by which I am hearing this track. You make a blistering track, you expend vast amounts of blood, sweat and tears and container ships worth of cash to face a sea of...well....nothing really. Believe me, it's a feeling I am all too intimate with, and I always lean on the one rock that's worthwhile. At least here's a track from the heart and it WILL be heard, no matter what. I, for one, am glad of the opportunity because it's a fine peice of music, and a terrific song that deserves a much better fate. Its interesting blend of styles and professional approach saved it for me from the beginning but it was the song that finally won me over.

Highly Recommended

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