Thursday, July 14, 2011

Yolande Strauss - I Can't Wait

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Funnily enough, I don't really know that many musicians from South Africa which, considering my range, is a bit puzzling. I know that South Africa is bursting with good musicians, commercial or otherwise but maybe that's just a pointer for me not to be so lazy about searching out musicians from there. God knows I get enough from elsewhere. Yolande Strauss, in case you were wondering is a South African singer/songwriter who was first introduced to us though some magic collaborations with Alchemystic - of all people. I use those words deliberately because their musical styles were so different it shouldn't have worked, but it did and it was knockout stuff.

Being a singer/songwriter generally means working with other people and Yolande has a remarkable knack of getting the right people on the right tracks to deliver the sound and style she has. Take, for example, Samson (May 2010). At first sight it didn't seem much and - moreover - it was a ballad. Red rags, bulls...know what I mean? Nonetheless the very thing that has always impressed me about Yolande is that she can and does carry it off, and with great style. Definitely a songwriter to spend time getting to know. I Can't Wait, however, is not on the Reverbnation page but it is on ITunes and CD Baby and you know what that means... It's also attributed to Miller, Strauss, Wong too.

Lyrics were supplied by Casia Wong, music is from Yolande and Gary Miller, Gary, of course has worked with Yolande before and I could have sworn I'd reviewed one of those too. Now, we've already established that there is a stylistic divide between what I like and what Yolande does, but that doesn't stop me appreciating how good she is at what she is doing. Smooth sophistication is the aim here, and it's achieved very well although the intro has some problems getting going and I'm not all that sure it works to drag an unwilling listener into it. Once Yolande starts singing, all is forgiven. Got to admit that she does handle this love song business extremely well even if old rock philistines like me prefer bleeding ears to bleeding hearts...

Smooth, and oozing naughtiness... Highly Recommended lurve song.

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