Friday, July 22, 2011

Larry Ludwick - The Boy That Was

Hear The Track Here

The Boy That Was...behaving himself?? I know that this is the first time Larry has appeared since the goings on a month or so ago, so maybe he has cut down a bit on the collaborations or - more likely - he's stacking them up to the ceiling to take over a whole month in one go. I jest, of course, in truth I have a distinct liking for musicians who develop their own voices are that is both Larry's strength and his weakness. Because, like all things unique, it's often difficult for people to get their heads around. Something a lot of so called experimental musicians have always suffered from.

Funny thing is, Larry isn't really an experimental musician, he's much more of an all rounder than that and his music has a deceptive quality about it; it sounds simple, but it isn't. The Boy That Was is billed as Alternative and believe me, it just can't get more alternative than Larry Ludwick as you will see when you hear this track. Why would you want to hear it? Well, imagine Neil Young had read a LOT of books and gleaned scraps of information all his life, the poured it all into his music. How could you not want to hear it?

OK, admittedly it isn't without a blemish or two (purely technical though, can't fault the man's style). The worst culprit are the highly suspect (ie hokey/factory) brass sounds which definitely set my teeth on edge although it admittedly doesn't take much to have me doing that. Larry Ludwick has certainly worked at getting his own thing right, and it shows because almost everyone I know who has heard of him has at least a grudging respect for what he does, even if their way is the less risky. Fans of this musician (and there are more than a few) will love this classic Ludwick thought song. Read the lyrics as you are playing for best effect.

Highly Recommended alternative Alternative.

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