Friday, July 29, 2011

Rayon Vert - Life Under A Microscope

Hear The Track Here

With all this talk of when Soundclick was really steaming (Ed: you are the only one who keeps yapping about it, everyone else has gone home) 2004-2006 you would think it would apply right across the board but it was kinda restricted to electronica, pop and folk rock, with heavy, heavy emphasis on the electronica community who blossomed during this period. What it didn't have, surprisingly enough, were some decent rock/classic rock bands. That's why I badgered Avalanche to join Soundclick. Mike-K and Dazed were the people who finally rectified this fault - for me anyway - and more power to their elbow for it. Mike for the Saturday Night Rocks show and Dazed for providing the Mixposure website which has since become a very rich seam of quality rock music.

The roll call of superlative rock musicians on that site is staggering and among the most well known are going to be (in no particular cut-n-paste order) Gary Carciello - all guitars and drums programming. Rob Grant - Bass guitar. DrC - all keyboards, mixing, and production. Farrell Jackson - melody, lyric, and vocal.(Ed: Gilmore, you lazy bastard!!) Farrell Jackson, of course, we have encountered in every guise, but his contribution to Rayon Vert is priceless, but only alongside the solid work of the resy of the guys. Although their work so far has been somewhat tainted by my own personal animus against prog rock but, to be honest, I think Rayon Vert passed that particular landmark a while ago, and Life Under The Microscope is the proof.

For sure it's classic rock by every definition known to man, and even a little proggy in feel but what it is most is an outrageously good rock song that ******* SCREAMS to be played as loud as possible. Do so and you'll be treated to a rock experience about as close in feel and tenor to tracks issued in the REAL Golden Age of rock, and believe me that's a high compliment indeed. Aaahh, you think cynically, rock is easy to copy isn't it? And yes, I would agree with you, technically it's an easy learn but to get that feel, that mesmerising quality- nah-uh. That comes with knowing what works and what doesn't and that takes experience and this reeks of authentic, dirt under the fingernails experience and sheer hard work.

MUST HAVE top quality Rock.

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