Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Sandro Cuzzetto - Blind Mans Bluff

Hear The Track Here

Sandro Cuzzetto, despite all appearances name wise, is a Canadian musician we've some across from time to time. A resident of Kamloops, the same city that harbours Cam's Even Song as it happens and - as I seem to mention in every review - they have a lot in common. Perfect Timing (March 2011) was the last track I heard and very good it was too, showing a serious musician at work. Like Cameron Bastedo, Sandro is a Christian Rock musician so there's always a lot more going on with his tracks than a drive by listen would show, much less to really appreciate the work and effort this musician pours into the track.

The only blot on this cosy and idyllic scene is that Sandro has been known to dabble down in the prog rock box of tricks and indeed, there are some suspiciously proggy interludes in Blind Mans Bluff. Mind you, the track is labelled Latin, and to be honest that one really throws me a curveball because about the only latin thing it has going for it (other than Sandro's name of course) is that it sounds a bit like Carlos Santana when the guitar licks need sorting. To my ears, this is pure unadulterated classic rock in every note of its body - and bloody good classic rock at that.

What?? What?? Why are you looking at me like that?? I said that it was proggy in some parts didn't? You know I don't hold with the big hair, platforms and hissy fit ego brigade so obviously it isn't THAT proggy, and - can't believe I'm going to say this - it's actually quite clever. Not as clever as the track itself which sounds and is the business, and is probably the best I have heard from this musician yet AND we didn't have to wait ages for it either... See, the sun is shining...the people are happy and Sandro Cuzzetto speeds up his output level. Things couldn't be smoother so start looking for potholes.... ;)

Highly Recommended Classic Rock (it is, it is)

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