Saturday, July 23, 2011

8mm Orchestra - One Small Step EP

Hear The Track Here

****** if I know whats going on up there in the English Midlands, but by God it's throwing up some interesting musical combinations from the balls to the wall rock of Bayn, the majesty of Hhymn, the folky style of Wwolves. A never ending stream. 8mm Orchestra are, in case you haven't guessed already, from Nottingham and I am hard pressed to describe exactly what they do - but whatever genre it manages to fall into it'll be sure to stand out. Upon hearing the title track of this DIY EP I was struck by how much is owed to Mike Oldfield, especially by guitarists. Not quite fair, though, because One Small Step (the track) also manages to evoke the dead ghost of Pink Floyd past - and very well too...

This is followed by track two, One Small Step (Mirrorzisland Remix), which shows a much more electronic state of mind from the opening notes and a decidedly odd almost experimental tone to it. Being a big fan of great noises, I am honour bound to like something like this track which is stuffed to the gills with aural wonders. There again, I do understand that some experimental can be hard to take for more delicate ears, and so do 8mm Orchestra judging by this track because while it is essentially experimental, it's also an involving sound cycle.

Track three Untitled (Trains) sets yet another entirely different structure before you, showing that 8mm Orchestra have more than a few tricks up their collective sleeves; a track that owes much to rock, a convincing slab of electronic experimentalism and now, a piano and cello/string that is every bit as involved and detailed as any of the other tracks. Certainly if intelligent, well constructed instrumentals float your boats you are going to well pleased to be discovering this little gem. Seems odd I know to have only three tracks on an EP but when you consider that these are long tracks, it seems about right.

Interesting trio of tracks. Different and well worth a listen.

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