Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Perms - High School High

Hear The Track Here

Over the past couple of years the review requests to my blog have gone from a trickle to a flood but what's most surprising about it is that the standard and quality of the work is generally of a very high standard. Matter of fact, the blog has introduced me (and my readers) to some really interesting and different music, albeit from musicians I'd never heard of before. So, let me introduce The Perms (who have been hanging around for a review since May!), an Canadian indie rock trio who are a new name to me, comprising of Shane and Chad Smith and John Huver. Formed in 1998 and having released several previous albums, I expected much.... (Ed: uh oh)

Like a lot of Canadian bands. The Perms seem to have soaked up the essence of what makes their southern neighbour one of the main markets for rock of the old school. Listening to their tracks is like hanging with old friends from the Beach Boys, Cars, Boston, Cheap Trick et al and - to be brutally honest - it doesn't always travel that well over this side of the pond. Much more to the point, for someone like me, it has to ring true and thankfully High School High does that and more.

Certainly if the influences I have mentioned whet your appetite then you definitely need to introduce yourself to these guys. High School High is the first track from their latest album album Sofia Nights and if this is any indication, the album should do extremely well, especially among our transatlantic cousins. After all, the line 'got my hightops and walkman and I'm ready to rock it' just reeks of Americana, and so does the rest of the track. Damn fine tune, and a very professional approach.

Highly Recommended poppy Indie.

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