Saturday, July 16, 2011

Whitman Speck - Permanent Disguise

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In a world seemingly swamped in crazed, bloodthirsty mofos, it takes a real nut job to stand out. In which case, step forward Whitman Speck, bloodthirsty mofo-in-cheif. Certainly one of the sickest, illest (and I don't mean that in a nice way necessarily) horrorcore rappers I've ever encountered. Where other urban rappers might be talking about offing their gang rivals, people like Whitman Speck doesn't stoop that low. He has all of us in his sights. Yeah, now you are paying attention innit? The truth is that Whitman Speck is a brutal, violent rapper in style and in content and anyone who doesn't like it better start running right now. Now being the pussycat I am, there should be no way I would like this at all.

So why does Whitman Speck get so many Must Haves?

Well, yes, I am a chicken and live in mortal fear of the man, but that doesn't quite cover it. Fact is, Whitman Speck is a class act in a veritable sea of wannabees. Sure his lyrical content is hardcore, as you would expect but its in the marriage of his words and the music he uses that singles this rapper out for such praise. 'Still needs a bit more work, but it's not bad' he says about Permanent Disguise and he's right because I have certainly heard him tighter musically and vocally, but definitely the bare bones of a KILLER Whitman Speck is right here. As well as the usual buckets of blood and sex and profanity galore....

'Yeah, yeah but he's drop dead gorgeous' is the main hook here and I wonder where he came across this segment of the track because I'd like to hear the original. If anything the track itself is rock, with a pop overtone coming in the female sung sections, and to be honest, I could have done with more of the power I can hear this track has. The vocal itself has a boomy quality to it in parts but I suppose all these things will be rectified at some point and then - believe me - this track will take no prisoners. Prisoners aren't Whitman's thing anyway, he prefers slicing and dicing them innit? Oh, and sex on a plate. Don't say you haven't been warned. Banging track though.

Highly recommended nonetheless. Great song.

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