Sunday, July 10, 2011

Wwolves - For Victory LP

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Wwolves have a lot in common with Barricades Rise musically, as indeed do Hhymn. It's no surprise then that all three bands come from the same general area of the UK, the Midlands, which has a long tradition of spitting out world class musicians (well, nothing else to do innit?). For Victory is the upcoming new album release from this Derby based band and shows a much more rounded sound and style than I remember from It's Morning/Something's Got To Give (April 2011). The songs are still as strong though and that is what counts more than anything and For Victory is stuffed with good ones from the opening accapella Valley Of Amber.

I love the adventurous nature of the bands I have mentioned, especially given the genres they are working in but - I have to say - Wwolves have surpassed themselves with this excellent collection of pop rock songs (with added instrumentation and then some!) For my money Wwolves ultimate sound has much to do with America than the mundane everyday of Derby where a man is a man and a whippet is STILL a rat on a string. I keep getting a The Band connection and I think that has more to do with their use of pedal steel guitar and violin - a very country sound, ya know. Still, I do have taste for country (as in Americana) and I think Wwolves deserve some credit for hitting the nail so squarely on the head.

Here is yet another album where every track justly deserves to be there, and is definitely one of those albums that really should be heard as a piece. As it is, I still have trouble making up my mind which track I like most because it's all so good. It's a given you won't like it if heavy rock is your staple diet, but who knows the strength of the songs may win some diehards over. For someone who likes music that is well thought out, arranged and performed then you'd be hard pressed to find much better than this. I am certain that American radio stations (internet ones anyway) will lap up this material because it is eminently radio friendly...

In an odd kinda way;) Highly Recommended indeed.

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