Sunday, July 17, 2011

Weylin's Slayer Orchestra - Addiction

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It's taken me a while to catch on to what Weylin's Slayer Orchestra is about (Ed: oh there's a surprise not...) but I think I finally have a handle on this musician and I find myself liking what he's doing more and more. The reason I state that with such evident satisfaction is because of the way we started. I think because of the Instrumentals:Game & Soundtrack label he works under, it had me convinced that I wouldn't like what he did and I think that was true of the first couple of tracks, although that changed rapidly after Endless Night (March 2011) which showed that, despite orchestral and/or soundtrack trappings, underneath was a rock metal monster...

When I say I am a rock animal, you'd better believe it. Not just of the old school either, I am very interested in heavy metal German bands like Rammstein and their ilk, as well as any number of goth rock musicians - to me it's all life affirming rock music. That realisation is what has made the difference in my approach to Weylin's particular style, and maybe the reason why I think Addiction is the best thing I have heard from him yet - even the orchestral parts are metal based and ya just can't fault that can you?

Over the past for tracks Weylin has done well, couple of Highly Recommended's, but not as yet - to my ears - delivered anything of the kind of compositional quality I generally expect from tracks that I give the highest rating too, but damn it this even changed that game. Tight is the word to use here, everything meshes together perfectly and even the bugbear of tracks past, the drums, pull their weight. Taken as a whole Addiction is a very solid piece of work, and is a dark, powerful track that has a heart of solid rock. Damn, at this rate I might even be coerced into thinking that guitar shredding does indeed have a purpose.

Excellent job. MUST HAVE metallic/orchestral epic.

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