Saturday, July 30, 2011

Ludicrous - Dead Woman

Hear The Track Here

You wouldn't think that UK electronica, UK Alternative and Houston's finest exponent of WTF music, Fear 2 Stop, have much in common but - funnily enough - all of them seem to have been bowled over by this track. Billy Castillo (of Fear 2 Stop) says ' IMHO the best song on SC I've heard this year' which is high praise indeed from him. How do I know this? Because I always read song comments, and all of the above rated this track highly. We first encountered Ludicrous with The Real World (June 2011) and very impressive it was too, a pop song with real depth - now there's a thing.

For a second I was convinced that Ludicrous had resurrected Kate Bush because I scrawled 'lucky bastards' all over my notepad while listening. Then, once the drugs wore off obviously, I finally decided that this supposition would be just too silly to fly. Somehow, and don't even go there, Ludicrous has teamed up with Kate's daughter or whoever is doing the vocals on this taps into the Bigger Bush spirit more than most. Let me make myself clear, this is gorgeous, exactly the kind of track that I love; great female vocals wrapped around an equally great song and performance. Even better that it's (kinda sorta) rock of a high order (Ed: Nu metal asherlly...)

In the space of just two tracks, Ludicrous have indeed lived up to their billing as 'a brilliant UK/France pop-rock threesome' and if The Real World didn't quite do the trick for me, Dead Woman certainly does. What The Real World hinted at, Dead Woman nails it. Mind you, I can't say I'd agree with Billy's comment about being the best track around this year but, by God, it's damn close and that is a real high bar. There again, the more you play the track, like their previous one, it grows and grows on you. This one definitely has some legs so expect to see it pop up again...

Excellent song. Highly Recommended.

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