Monday, July 25, 2011

Frankfurt Dialog Company - An Der Zeit

Hear The Track Here

It's about time (hint, hint) that charming duo Frankfurt Dialog Company turned up in my review list, been a long time between tracks and that's a shame. Silke Natschke and Andreas Horchler compose the main body of Frankfurt Dialog Company, helped along the way with the odd collaborator, and the last time we encountered them was with Close To Nothing (May 2009) (Ed: damn it HAS been a long time!). All told, I have only reviewed three of their tracks with two - One Day (February 2009) and Do or Die (A summer song) (August 2008) - gaining well deserved Must Haves. An Der Zeit, in case you haven't guessed yet, is the first track I've heard from them in German, their mother tongue.

I kinda prefer it when people sing in their own language and I am on record as favouring German bands particularly simply because I like the way it works, I don't find it off putting in any way, in fact it often helps. Mind you, a lot of those bands are extremely heavy and Silke and Andreas definitely are not. What they are, above all, are sophisticated musicians and composers as An Der Zeit so amply displays, particularly if you like a nice jazzy blues and they are always a treat for me.

While the track borders on the easy listening, it's amazingly clear and well put together and I think Andreas is Mr Guitar Man on this one so the licks are sharp and to the point. He's also the main vocalist on this, and he does a real good job of it, the feel and the music only helping to get over the language problem. Of course, you should like music that is, musically and technically, as good as you are likely to hear out in the commercial world but with musicians of this standard, it's a given. Probably need to like jazzy blues too, but I do know many of my readers do...

Highly Recommended jazz/blues.

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