Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Pidgeman - Intoxication

Hear The Track Here

Why do musicians like me (and Pidgeman too for that matter) settle for this cyber existence? Why don't we go the time honoured route of musicians uncountable; go on the road. Well plain fact is most of us can't, for one reason or another. Therefore we spend years and years watering this particular garden in the hope that it will grow some fruit in the way of an audience for our music. One of the side effects of this totally insane way of looking at things is that it gives you time to hone your craft. Too much time, some might say, judging by some of the drivel online. However, stick around for a few years and something becomes apparent very quickly, the more you do it, the more you do it. The more you do it, the better you get.

When you end up, some considerable time later, as a dependable, consistent supplier of really good music, people go all doe-eyed and start calling you an overnight sensation. Got to laugh. Anyway, experience IS the name of the game, and it shows when a musician has his chops together. Pidgeman has been around making music for the requisite amount of time to know what works sonically and what doesn't. Ally that to a marked preference for good, old fashioned rock music and folks we have a winner. Me rock animal, you may not be, but Craig Matthews (aka Pidgeman) also happens to be a very decent pop songwriter into the bargain.

Intoxication, as you may know, comes in many varieties (but always avoid the brown ones) and this song is about lustful intoxication and what better musical genre to illustrate the point than ball to the walls old school rock music. There is no doubt in my mind that Pidgeman has improved immensely musically and technically in getting in his vision, the real surprise is how much he has come on as a vocalist and I certainly wouldn't have been of that opinion back in 2007 when I first met him. Fact is, Pidgeman has turned into a rockers rocker, know what I mean. Yet another class act having been through the mill to get there... Puts fire in the music, that's for sure.

Highly Recommended Rock.

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