Saturday, July 30, 2011

Smoke It 'n' Die - Take Your Shot

Hear The Track Here

Take that puzzled look off your face. Yes, I have spoken about this track before and that's because I like the damn thing and I think you should too but - finally - I get to review what is steadily becoming one of my favourite tracks this year. Howard Billington (the man, the leg end) is the geezer behind this track and Smoke It and Die is the band to make it happen. I caught the video of this track when the band released it earlier this year and was one of the only tracks I have been featuring on my You Tube channel (only the best folks!) and I am really careful about what I highlight there.

'But I don't care, it's all good cos I pay no attention to all the crap I hear' is but one of many classic lines on this high energy, in-your-face slab of joyful defiance. For my money, Howard Billington is a class act when it comes to penning a cracking song, and Take Your Shot exemplifies just how good his songs can be, full of the crackle of **** you, encased in a punky, full on rock backing track that may sound a little rough but kicks butt with every note and crash, bish and wallop.

The problem is that I seem to have become spoiled by the video OR this is a slightly different take of it because, in every way, I would direct you to the video rather than the MP3. For me, the video version has that vital spark that ignites the song and makes it something else and I just didn't get that at all from the MP3, moreover I found myself questioning things; was the drumtrack slightly adrift timewise? Does this sound more 'hollow' than the video version? Eventually, I said my usual bunch of hail meh's, and went and grooved for a while to a timeless chorus which I share with you now from this knockout song. It goes (ahem, cough cough) ''You suck, you suck real bad and you can go to hell. That, and also your breath poo'

MUST HAVE Video at least, not sure about the track.

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