Monday, July 25, 2011

Lauren Aquilina - Robots/Never Change

Hear The Track Here

You might not know it to look at me (and because I have kept it quiet) but I am the proud possessor of a You Tube channel. Yeah, yeah, I know the whole world and his brother has one too, but hey, we get solace wherever we can innit? Anyway, the point is that I am extremely picky about the tracks I choose to show on there - much more so than in these reviews. It may come as a surprise then, upon encountering said channel to find a track from an artist I have yet to review. Fact is, as soon as I saw and heard Lauren Aquilina's Robots song and video I added it immediately - a wonderful song and I can't praise it enough. What is really amazing is that this very assured and professional track is from a 16 year old!

and that is why it's on my channel.

The music and (I guess) production credits go to Laren's collaborator, another new name to me - Kyan. If the work on Robots is any indication, this guy is very good. The real star though is Lauren who, to give her full credit, writes a damn fine pop song and sings it with such obvious delight you can't help but smile. Never Change and Robots are both featured on Lauren's Soundcloud page and to be honest both are cracking tunes. However, if I had to give a preference it wouldn't be Never Change and there may be a few reasons for that - none of which have anything to do with the track,

I don't know whether it's because of my almost daily exposure to Robots but Never Change, as good a song as it is, doesn't hold a candle to Robots in terms of both charm and commercial possibilities - an instant hit. Put it like this, as much as I like Never Change, it didn't have the instant impact Robots had on me, and it hasn't grown on me in the same way as Robots did so ably. Nonetheless, Never Change is still a really excellent pop song, one that would still be head on shoulders above most of the competition, but it ain't Robots. Anyway, go see for yourself, you'll kick yourself if you don't.

MUST HAVE for Robots, Highly Recommended Pop.

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