Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Fear 2 Stop - Spin Cycle

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Fear 2 Stop were a bit more than their usual gung-ho selves this month, slamming a decidedly sticky Spin Cycle through my front door on Review Morning, definitely not the best time to be gung-ho for me, I can tell you. Mind you, there are some who would say, get stuff like this out of the way ASAP but I personally like Fear 2 Stop because, well, they are unstoppable. Certainly veterans at this online musical lark, their music can often sound coarse and abrasive and I do see that argument, and the one about it sounding like cats caught in a meat grinder but hey, t'was ever thus with Fear 2 Stop.

Surprisingly enough they have mellowed somewhat over the years but you'll still need a strong musical constitution to get anything other than earache from it. Strong words, you might think, but fire up Spin Cycle yourself and we'll howl through it together. What you are hearing would be something you will definitely not have heard before if Fear 2 Stop is a new to you, and you might never want to undergo the experience again. No shame in that. Showing fear is a natural reaction when faced with something that could very easily drive you out of your mind. There again, I am a child of the 1960's so I lost my mind a long, long time ago...

Hey!! Maybe I have Fear 2 Stop immunity!! I always knew all those drugs were doing me the world of good. Now, where was I? Aaah, losing my mind... If you of a nervous disposition I would consider giving this track (or indeed ANY) Fear 2 Stop track a massive body swerve. Put simpler, run away screaming now...it will make it so much easier in the long run. I really liked their return to style on Blown (June 2011) and this, although definitely more discordant, still has all the hallmarks of a classic Fear 2 Stop mashup and it certainly doesn't sound as alien to me as I suppose it must to new listeners. To me, and people who have known this trio for a while, it's like an ongoing conversation with an old friend...

Weird and wonderful, but definitely not for wusses... Highly Recommended wtf'ry.

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