Friday, July 22, 2011

Thomas J Marchant - It's Easy To Get Confused

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Funnily enough, it was Larry Ludwick who really solidified what it was about Thomas J Marchant so special to so many Soundclick regulars. In his review guise, Larry wrote that Thomas 'addresses each song as if he never heard of any rules' and I'd say that's the most accurate way of saying exactly what it is Thomas does. Sure, his musical style and songwriting talent is obvious if you can look beneath the often obscured production, lo-fi has always been a feature of any Thomas J track but he is one musician who has actually made lo-fi and retro work for him. It's actually part of his musical trademark, that and the can't-be-arsed vocal style that inevitably dribbles out of the side of his mouth.

Thomas's great appeal to me is as a songwriter. Little did I know when I was labouring through some his early electronica that later years would show one of the most talented songwriters around, on Soundclick or anywhere else. For sure, you won't have anyone quite like our Thomas, that's for sure. As he has progressed this side of his music (he's also an accomplished multi-instrumentalist) so he has gained in confidence and maturity, a quality that really stands him in good stead for a track like It's Easy To Get Confused.

Keep it simple has become something of a zen thing with Thomas and this track is one of the finer examples of Thomas's unerring ability to make so much from so very, very little. So don't go looking for any flashes of artistic instrumental brilliance or even a vocal that delivers fireworks at every turn, it's a wood and trees thing. Thomas J Marchant are always best assimilated as a whole; feel, tone and atmosphere as if he had just sat down and whacked it out in seconds. Trouble is, he probably did but that still doesn't stop it sounding so good you just want to smash your system. If you've never heard Thomas, I really urge you to catch up on one of England's finest musical eccentrics.

Highly Recommended Alternative, MUST HAVE for fans.

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