Thursday, July 14, 2011

Andrey Mischenko - June

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Andrey Mischenko, as you may have guessed, is a Russian musician who I have reviewed a fair few times by now, although not always with happy results. I suspect that because I automatically assumed that Andrey was a classical musician from the first track I ever heard, now I think that is the side of his work I appreciate most. Certainly his forays into prog rock didn't ring any bells with me but prog rock never does. Having said that, classically inclined music shares one trait with prog rock that is generally a bit of a problem to people, that of length. (Ed: you can't say that!!!) So, if you think you can just stroll over and have a quick listen to this track while reading this better have thirteen minutes and change to spare...

Yep, you read that right.

So while I freely admit that I haven't spent the amount of time with this track that I would have with a three minute song, June happens to tap right into my mood when I'm in a more reflective place which, admittedly, isn't often. Considering that I don't like most soundtrack work because it doesn't have the right classical ring about it, this is where Andrey Mischenko wins above score writers. I don't know, maybe it's just me but when he does classical style music I really connect to it, and June had be doing that big time. Considering it's running time (better than saying length again innit.......DOH!!!) those thirteen minutes do seem to melt away with whatever mood you were in when you started to listen.

For me, that is the pre-requisite element, it's where the music does indeed calm the savage breast. June is light and delicate in feel, nowhere does it get into orchestral overload, but each part and section clear, crisp and precise. I think I remember reading somewhere that Andrey was using a decent classical instrumentation program and the choices he brings to bear on this track certainly testify to how well it renders the sounds. Soooo, if you happen to want a nice cup of tea, a plate of biccies and a bit of rest then let me suggest you snuggle down with June, who will calm your fevered brow - whatever that means...

Highly Recommended (but l-o-n-g) modern classical.

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