Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The American Mood - Artist Overview

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As many of you know, I spent several years living, working and travelling through America (or to be more accurate North America) and cam to know and love both the country and the people in it. I look back on that time with fond memories because, funnily enough, the usual American musical experience is one poor musicians everywhere would recognise. The struggle for gigs, rehearsal space, rentals etc. We forget, in this digital age, that there are still musicians out there taking this hard, hard road. One of the hardest gigs is something I have only seen in America; the so-called lounge act and that is what attracted me to this band.

See, like everything else in life, there are lounge acts and there are lounge acts. In my time, I've seen some really, really dire stuff but that is also the nature of the market, the music is secondary to the selling of booze/whatEVAH. Takes a rare band to light up a lounge bar successfully and judging by the few tracks on the American Mood's website, they would definitely do the trick. If you want to save time, have a listen to tracks one and two on the site, that shows perfectly what this band is about. Musically it's a tad too middle of the road for me, but that doesn't stop the musicianship and professional delivery and production shining through.

There isn't much info about the band but it does sound like a tight bunch, and one that has much experience, although maybe not all in lounge bars. There is a very professional touch to the tracks, which I suspect comes from some painstaking recording and production work. Overall, it's probably best that you like American music in general, and the American style of songwriting for all that (this is just about Americana enough to get by with me) but there is no doubting the quality of the work on display here. Of special note is the vocalist who has a warm, full-blooded voice that fits the material perfectly.

American Mood? Rocking. ...and Recommended.

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