Friday, July 29, 2011

JCH (UK) - Price You Pay

Hear The Track Here

This alternative track was sandwiched against the awesome slab of rock that Rayon Vert delivered this month and I think James Crosbie Hancox (geddit??) should feel some pride that Price You Pay more than held up its end, and in fact pointed something out to me. JCH we have come across loads of times in the past couple of years and he's proved that he's always an interesting lesson, especially if you like intelligent, alternative rock with a UK tinge and you would think that the differences between Rayon Vert (a band btw) and JCH would be enormous. T'ain't so, o most disbelieving of eyeballs, they both supply very high quality rock (albeit of different strains) and have a crack songwriter at the heart (Farrell Jackson in Rayon Vert).

James's easy, straight ahead alternative take often has a retro, 1960's feel and when I think about it, Price You Pay has too, but not in a way that is derivative - it's fresh, exciting and fluid. Exactly what you would expect from the genre but so often fail to get. Although he's only been around online a couple of of years or so, James Hancox should be feeling some satisfaction at having carved out his own little spot in whatever passes for the limelight around here and Price You Pay will only strengthen and enhance his fanbase, or if there is any justice in the world, it should.

In the time I have known him, this musician has certainly served up some awesome music, gaining a couple of Must Haves, a listing in Tracks Of The Year 2010 and damn me if he just doesn't keep getting better and better. I am certain that the upcoming Green Book project is going to be every bit as this track promises and if this is the standard of that, hold on to your ears. Considering this is some geezer, working in a starving garrett (the price you pay, as it were) kinda thing, the sheer technical achievement is enough to single this out. Weld that to a song that is so right in every sense of the game and you get JCH (UK) in fine voice and fettle - whatever that is.

Price you pay? Free. Priceless.

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