Sunday, July 17, 2011

GStarr Produced - Rocker

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A new name to me from Soundclick GStarr Produced is not, as you may have suspected, a hip hop musician. No sirree, just another scurrilous rock and roll animal specialising in rock from the old school. What again?, you sigh, yet another old fart reliving his no doubt sordid past? Personally, speaking as yet another etc, I like to think that I am making my best music now, and I think a lot of other people feel the same. Sure, talent is a great thing to have, but I'll take a dash of experience with that if you wouldn't mind; it tends to smooth out the rough edges. Obviously not quite the case for rock music because it about rough edges, but in that case IMHO it just makes the groove keener. OK, now I've stood up for all old farts everywhere, lets see what this one has to offer... (Ed: I hope he realises you are joking Gilmore, or it'll be a visit from the boys methinks...)

Grant Starr is the star (Ed: oh good grief!) of the show apparently, having written the song and (of course) producing but he's helped by - at my count - four other obviously talented musicians; Ed and Jason Kocol, Paul Anthony and Dave Townsend. So, if you like old school rock (with a decided American feel to it) then this is going to go down well. If, however, you think old farts should just be content with being put out to pasture, you can just **** off out of it. Rocker, in common with the genre, sounds great at really high volumes, even though the production left much to be desired (of which more later), and the song itself is very decent - for a balls to the wall rock song.

You may have detected a note of negativity in my tone, and you'd be right. See, here is how I see the backstory to this track.. This was a recorded demo, either recent or (God forbid) recorded back in the day. If it was recent, the style and context are damn near spot on, and much respect for getting that right. The track (and song) therefore sound dated, both technically and musically. I would have been proud to have made this track back in that distant day, but these days - like many listeners - I expect a lot, lot more. So while Rocker is enjoyable stroll down memory lane, I'd like to hear what these guys are up to today - unless I'm totally wrong and this is a new recording.

Good rock song for sure. Recommended.

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