Sunday, July 31, 2011

Heavy Glow - Midnight Moan LP

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Classic rock fans are facing a variety of choices from new bands at the moment, a major change from say a couple of years ago when they were scarce on the ground. San Deigo's Heavy Glow made a big impression on me with The Filth and The Fury EP (August 2010) because of the quality and style of the band is exactly what I would from the classic rock genre. And I have a grudging respect for any hard rock trio - that's a tough gig. Midnight Moan is the band's latest LP and I was cheeky enough to ask for a copy to impress you guys with. It's a nine track jobbie and considering that Jared Mullins, Joe Brooks and Dan Kurtz did such a good job with their EP I scheduled plenty of listening time.

One of the best rock trios of all time IMHO is the Jimi Hendrix Experience, and it was the first musical reference my lazy bastard of a brain lurched for. Not that I am saying that they sound like Jimi, but the raw feel and power of the trio certainly does. Musically the band are rooted in the bluesy heavy rock of the late 1960's/early 1970's and for an old fart like me it feels like hog heaven. It might not do for some of the bright young things out there, but I know there is - and probably always will be - a hardcore of people for whom music like this will never die. With more nods of respect to rock's chequered past per inch than most band's entire output, Heavy Glow are definitely not 'umble but by God they are extremely heavy.

Having grown up with rock giants I am very, very critical of someone who professes to the genre but fails to deliver the right atmosphere and authenticity, but Heavy Glow do it with consummate ease - and on track after track. Now whether there is indeed a market for this particular brand of classic rock is a moot point, after all as much as the songs have the top spot, the instrumental side take equal billing and that means music that probably takes a bit of assimilation (ie more than one or two plays). However, for a rock animal (Ed: dinosaur even) like me, this is the perfect antidote to the acres and acres of navel-gazing, sophomoric alternative we are swamped in. Nine classic rock treats, red, bloody and raw...

Highly Recommended back-in-the-day heavy rock.

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