Friday, July 22, 2011

Diamond Lil - Sex Injuries

Hear The Track Here

'Fill me with sex injuries' the man sings... Could only be rock and roll eh? I was lucky enough not only to witness the birth of rock music, but also to see some of the giants (and not so well known) musicians that triggered the biggest flowering of musical creativity in history. From live performances from the likes of the Pretty Things (at 17) to Hendrix at the Isle Of Wight, I saw and heard some incredible - never to be repeated - rock music of the finest order. I have retained that love of hard rock right to this day, and is probably my reviewers Achilles heel. See, it's the genre I have the most love and devotion to and I am not one to take it lightly. If you approach someone like me claiming to be 'classic rock, you'd sure better have the stones to prove it.

The first hurdle is at the 20 second point...

Of course, I should have twigged it by the band's name. Diamond Lil is a play written by the legendary Mae West and if anyone is the spirit of rock and roll personified, it'll be her. It's all about attitude, ya see? Whether or not that is truly why the band is called that is irrelevant because Diamond Lil (the band, not the play or the pretty woman) pass the 20 second test with flying rock stones of gigantic proportions. See, the thing about classic rock is that it did exactly that, relentless, unstoppable and from the opening notes generally. Twenty seconds was being generous. See, in the days when you actually had to GO OUT to hear a record, that could be a problem.

Especially when the things were as big as pizzas, got scratched with as little as a cross look and had a shelf life of about....OK that's your lot. It concentrates the mind wonderfully about what does the trick and what doesn't and Diamond Lil, I am happy to say, carry the rock standard with pride and respect that would gladden the hearts of old musos everywhere. Certainly if you want a modern example of what I (an aging rock manic from back in the day) would consider worthy of the name, Diamond Lil and Sex Injuries is it. Expect to see a review of their upcoming Misfits of Society EP on these pages, because for sure I wanna hear that.

MUST HAVE classic rock.

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