Saturday, June 18, 2011

Weylin's Slayer Orchestra - Endless Night

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It was only yesterday, during the Cinnabar review, that I was yammering on about prog rock, describing how my attitudes to a much detested genre have changed over the years - thanks to some excellent musicians and in there should go a small mention for Weylin's Slayer Orchestra. After a bit of a wobbly start, either Weylin or I got a grip and the music has sounded better as the number of tracks reviewed increased. As always, over time, you can definitely get a flavour of the artist and - except for a few if's and but's (but not butts) - Weylin's Slayer Orchestra can grow on you. Now, given that isn't my music of choice enough said....

Ol' Weylin there states that No Survivors is a 'sad piano-oriented heavy metal track' and there isn't much I disagree with there, except it didn't mention about how it grows rock testicles the size of houses in the more raucous sections. Serious, played at earthshaking volumes, No Survivors shows once and for all that Derek Shunia (aka Ol' Weylin) is a keen as mustard mad axeman, because it's the guitar parts (and sound) that stick with me after every play. So, let's get back to that prog rock thing, seeing as it seems to be my latest drum to bang, surprisingly enough, No Survivors isn't what I would consider prog in any conventional sense.

Sure it's a bit airy, floaty, look-at-me-I'm-a-fairy in places and, a signature of the genre, it does change rapidly but outside of that I'd say this was just a terrific piece of heavy metal of the best kind - with the exception of the airy, floaty etc. Someone will be along later to clean it up. Annnyway, If I can like and understand this track then I guess fans are going to lap it up with a large spoon, and that can only be a good thing. The opening section, before all the airy, floaty etc, is worth even the most casual of listens, and I defy you to take a breath before the air...(Ed: OK Gilmore, we get the picture). Ol' Weylin should get the boys in the band to give him a group hug lol

Prog (?) metal and jolly good too. Highly Recommended for fans of the genre.

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