Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Nuff X - Staring At The Ceiling

Hear The Track Here

Well, well well, lookee here... Been a good while since we were last regaled by Nuffcore of any description and that can lead to all sorts of nervous tics. In case you know Nuffing about Nuff X, allow me to enlighten you.. I first met James Bacon (aka Nuff X) around 2005 on Soundclick, just when the electronica genre really took off and he progessed pretty rapidly from there, moving on slightly from his mainly electronica early stuff to an interesting blend of cut up, glitch and heavy electronica which I always think of as Nuffcore because.....well, it is. The best description, know what I mean?

I think everyone knows what staring at the ceiling means, although there are some unkind souls who say I don't because coffins don't have ceilings. Just because I am always awake in the darkness doesn't mean I am a blood-sucking, ravening monster, although I do tend to get a bit furry around a full moon. So where were we? Oh yeah, staring at the ceiling... A lot of Nuff's work has been edgy, experimental and usually not something that would appeal to all and sundry. If anything, that experimental streak has become more predominant over the years and IMHO that's a good thing.

Take it as read then that you would need to like things a bit raw, a bit off the wall. Mixing electronica with solid, heavy-as-housebricks beats, giving it an overall DnB feel that helps it all to go down. Typical Nuff behaviour although I detect an aural hardness in the sounds that haven't been present before that make me think the guy has either got some new toys or he's going into a much more industrial phase, which also would be a good thing. Aaahhh, but then I am a bit biased.

Highly Recommended electronica/wtf from a SC vet.

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