Saturday, June 18, 2011

Fear 2 Stop - Blown

Hear The Track Here

I've obviously gotten over my early fear of Fear 2 Stop, Houston's answer to the genre I lovingly label WTF. As bizarre and off-the-wall as the trio can be at times, having had massive exposure to their entire catalog (or so it seems) this is one band I know only too well. This may explain, I guess, my fondness for their work, even some the more incomprehensible kind. While they put the B in bizarre, they also have a distinctly recognisable sound and pattern of construction that, I swear, I've never heard anywhere else. If it sounds like I am trying very hard to justify something here, it's because I am. I've had the stony look from people when I say I like something of theirs, but when all is said and done, Fear 2 Stop are about as different as it gets - but often surprisingly accessible.

It also occurred to me that Fear 2 Stop is probably the only band in the world I would forgive for using that tinkly, grating high note piano noise so common in a lot of modern electronica. F2S use it in a totally different way, high pitched sonic nails with which to stud the aural mayhem with blinding flashes of impending migraine attack, all set to an absolutely relentless beat that - once again - has become something of a trade mark for this band. Certainly anyone familiar with the band will find much to savour about this latest offering.

Like a lot of 'experimental' musicians, I always get a twinge of uh oh when approaching their tracks, but it has always - for the most part - been a false impression created by my supercharged paranoia about such things. For me these days, getting into a new Fear 2 Stop track is as warm and welcoming as a nice hot bath, and that comment may raise a few eyebrows, but only for the warm and welcoming bit. The thought of me in a nice hot bath doesn't bear thinking about - take it from one who knows. (Ed: why are you looking at me??? Help, somebody!!!) While I deal with a couple of - ahem - office admin tasks, you shuffle off and get a nice earful of Texan big sky, big country WTF to be going home with.

Fear 2 Stop at their fearsome best. Far from blown. MUST HAVE for fans.

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