Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Dom Liberati - The Good Hurt LP

Hear The Track Here

Caught this little gem at the bottom of LA based musician Dom Liberati's webpage and I thought I'd share it with you guys. 'The Good Hurt is Dom Liberati’s announcement that he is here to stay, so get ready to listen' Ooookkkkkk, that makes it plain. I love stuff like this because it means one of two things; he's either got huge balls and no brain, or he's one of those rare talents who can really walk the walk. Having confidence in yourself as a musician is a long, involved process that comes with experience and Dom Liberati comes with a ton of that. Therefore, in the world that I inhabit, what should follow is some of the classiest music you are likely to hear - whatever the genre.

And then reality bites...

Say what you like, musicians from America's West Coast have a very identifiable sound. Had I not already known Dom was from LA, We Own The Night would have spelled it out in 45 foot tall letters, just like the famous Hollywood sign. Therefore I've spent the last few days up to my ankles in dirty puddles of English rainwater, while my head and ears are out on the beach catching some rays and ogling the women passing by (Ed: riiiighhttt). Love Holds It Down is the ideal companion to the first track, embellishing that sunny energy flowing into your ears. It's when Burn comes along that things change somewhat. One of my favourite tracks, Burn has everything I like in a song; ideas, drive, energy and a chorus to die for. As the album progresses you notice that it's a lot more energetic (a lot of the tracks zip along as if their ass was on fire) than the first tracks hint at, and a whole lot more innovative than you might have initially thought.

I've always been a sucker for high energy rock and that is what Dom does best, and he writes a mean song to go with it, conveniently ticking all my pleasure centres. A beautifully clean, yet intricate, production definitely helps to sustain interest throughout the twelve songs that make up the album, although the songs themselves play a major part in that too. Funny, every once in while I get a flash of Sting in his Police period, echoed in the songs structures and that is a compliment because I only liked Sting in that period - any other time I just want to stuff a cork in his gob. So, with its roots in classic rock pop songs and a very professional sound, how come this guy isn't famous yet? Enquiring minds want to know... Did I like it? ******* A as Americans would have it.

High energy West Coast pop rock. Highly Recommended.


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