Thursday, June 16, 2011

Narisah - Crash Dummy

Hear The Track Here

Now before you start jumping to all the usual 'he found - and no doubt lusted over - a new female singer' conclusions, let me tell you straight, you'd be wrong. Actually it was young Linwood Riley who first put me on to Narisah, and I've known that guy long enough to trust his ears so when he posted a sample of his work with Narisah on Facebook (I know, I hang my head in shame) I clicked right on it. Both Linwood (who is better known as a contributor to Muse Machine and other Chicago groupings), and if you are on Soundclick you will definitely have registered the byte19 tag. Suffice to say that Linwood knows his onions musically so I wasn't surprised by my first listen to this track.

I knew what he could do, I had no idea Narisah could be so potent, however. Her first sound in this track almost caused a very unfortunate reaction in my increasingly overactive libido, and if that wasn't enough beautiful agony for one day, the whole track takes that sultry, pouty feel and runs with it. Musically, this owes much to 1980's electropop but what Narisah brings to this party owes nothing to anyone. Certainly I haven't heard anyone like Narisah before, and believe me I would have known about it if I had. It's her odd, almost disjointed vocal that makes this track more than a sum of it's parts.

You should give this a bit of time to settle in though, as I say it does have this oddity that is one of its main appeals but also, I suspect, one of its main drawbacks. For sure there are going to be a few people going huh? but that's always the case with something different - and this is different. As I say, it took more than a few plays for this to really register with me but it was worth it. This is smart, knowing pop - as expected from it's musical source but it's Narisah's vocal delivery that really seals the deal. If you are more familiar with Linwood's soundtrack work, this will definitely come as an eye-opener.

Highly Recommended intelligent Electropop.

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