Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Ludicrous - The Real World

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Ludicrous is a new name to me from Soundclick and is apparently a three piece, multi-country affair. More, and here you need to remain calm, they want to 'take me, slap me, hurt me, whack me' and if that isn't on with a promise I don't know what is. Still, enough with the bawdy chatter, lets get with the program and allow me to point out that Ludicrous '[combines] electronic sounds with cool guitar and subliminal vocals' or so it says on this used banknote. Yeah, as if. That sarcasm is directed to the used banknote jibe btw, not the electronic sounds, cool guitar and subliminal vocals. I'm down for that.

With my usual bag of quibbles, no doubt.

Mind you, I think even if I didn't know that one third of this outfit was European (of some kind) I would have guessed it by the setting and style of the track, even though the vocalist sings (charmingly) in English. So, French musician, English singer...not sure about the rest. Usually the Euro sound is always worth a listen, especially some of the electronic stuff, and Ludricrous tackle the more pop end of the spectrum with The Real World. Tell you what, regardless of content, you be hard pressed to find something as well produced as this everywhere. That polish certainly kept me listening.

I usually dismiss bands bigging themselves up as so much blatant self promotion, although I recognise the necessity, and I did when I saw Ludricrous described as ' a brilliant UK/France pop-rock threesome' but hey, they mean it. Now there's a ******* thing. As I endlessly seem to be saying lately I do love songs with depth and complexity and The Real World combines that with a veritable horde of musical 'whats that' moments. OK, so it's a track you are going to have to grow into, but not so much if you already like what I have described above, then this will come as a very nice treat for the day.

Highly Recommended thinking mans pop.

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