Thursday, June 23, 2011

Klive Kraven - Take Nothing From Nobody

Hear The Track Here

Hang around a site like Soundclick for a substantial length of time, you get to notice that things go round. People appear, they disappear, appear in a new guise etc. That's pretty much where Klive Kraven comes into the picture because although this may sound like a new name, the man behind it has a very chequered history. He's a producer for arguably one of Soundclick's finest beat factories - Anno Domini - but more importantly we have met him before in his IQ The Goon To End Them All guise (now apparently IQ The Number One Goon. Whichever, his Old Man (October 2007) was one of my highlights of the year, being a great hip hop reworking of the Neil Young song.

Nothing much from him since then but up he pops this month with a new track, and a very good one it is too. See, I didn't know any of the above because I don't normally read things while in the downloading frenzy - too much else to do. I usually do the research after I have heard the track a while. So what came across with Take Nothing From Nobody was an oddly skewed little track that either has some elements of commercial music in it, or slices of such things. Personally I like this style of hip hop, especially when backed up by a decent rap.

Although the rap is good, you will have heard something similar before. It's the combination of the music, arrangement and rap together that make the track work, a true sum of its parts. I could each thing apart and pick holes in it, but when listened to a fair amount, this is a track that becomes very familiar and yes, enjoyable. The fly in the proverbial whatsname is that when I come to fill in the links for listening/downloading, it doesn't seem to exist any more I'm sure Klive will be along so I can rectify the situation but in the meantime there is plenty on his Soundclick page to show you what he can do.

Highly Recommended Hip Hop.

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