Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Farrell Jackson - Put My Ashes In The F-Hole

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Now that is a rock and roll title!! Just in case you may be thinking that this is a reference to some arcane musician sex thing, let me put you straight. Stringed instruments (acoustic and semi-acoustic) have soundholes. Most of us are familiar with the doughnut shaped hole of the standard acoustic guitar, but have you ever noticed that some acoustic- electrics (often called flattops) have curly F type soundholes. Certainly all violins and cellos do. Not for Farrell are the lurid tales about chicks, wild parties and even wilder doing while on the road, which turn into songs. Nope, he'd rather be writing love letters to his favourite bit of musical kit. That, my friends, is TRUE rock and roll.

As someone whose whole life is wrapped up in Classic Rock, this is an area where I tend to be peevish more often than not. Simply because classic rock wasn't just music, it was attitude. It said I don't care what you think about my music, it's not for you anyway. Such attitude is why Farrell has a string of favourable reviews from me, a man walking the walk. On this track, Farrell delves into the lighter end of the genre and delivers a track that is so Beatle influenced, it's instantly familiar even though you never heard it before. Mostly his work has been a heavier rock take but I have to see this definitely has it's charms, especially those who love everything Beatles...

We're talking mid-1965 here because this is so similar to She's A Woman it's an instant connection. Then you start to take in other aspects of the track, isn't that a lick from Last Train To Clarkesville?, doesn't the singer sound like Johnny Cash? and before you know it you are clutching it tenderly to your bosom. Of course, I am a maudlin old man merely reliving memories, but Put My Ashes In The F-Hole is - despite it's style - a very respectful nod to rock history, incorporating a thousand different memories for those of us who were there. It's also a catchy, almost country tune that you'll be whistling in minutes.

Highly Recommended Classic Rock.

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