Monday, June 20, 2011

Satellite 3 - Love Was Never Enough

Hear The Track Here

American Alternative band Satellite 3 made their Soundclick debut a while ago with a clutch of well thought out, enjoyable tracks that caught my ear, and many others I gather. They even got a mention in my year end Stevies review and that takes some doing. Since then, nada, zip, squat. There have been a couple of distractions featuring Justin Storie (aka Collective Surrender) which I have also liked but nothing, until now, from the original band. This, then, is the first new track from them in what right ot nine months - a long time in internet land. Mind you, they got me sold with their earlier tracks and my first listen to this new track wasn't that hot.

Yeah, I know. What again? Preconceptions, who'd have 'em.

Finally I nailed down the reason after a few more plays, it's the intro. That's a noisy guitar sound, although not in a good way. I found it distinctly offputting, and was preparing for a dose of lo-fi, and this track is definitely not lo-fi once it gets up on its hind legs. Matter of fact, in an American navel gazing alternative way, this is a good track indeed and show that the time off hasn't done them any harm. It's also, thankfully, a track that does grow on you fairly rapidly. Oh, and that guitar thing is a mere quibble from an extremely grumpy old fart. (Ed: that would be him, not me.)

I have often complained of the distinctly different rock palates between Americans (of all stripes) and Europeans in general and the UK in particular and here is another track that highlights that. This became more obvious with repeated plays and is, I guess, a very personal view. All of which are extremely picky points and are really about style rather than content. On that front, Satellite 3 should feel some pride in having crafted a very good song - whatever your thoughts on the genre, geographical or cultural aspects.

Highly Recommended American alternative.

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