Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Doc Taryn - Be The One/Hell Hath No Fury

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So the day has finally arrived when I can hold my head up in the reviewing community. Why such cause for celebration? Now I can finally brag that I have a doctor in the house because, as we well know, they are like policeman; never one around when you need one. This particular Doc happens to be Taryn DeCicco, a young lady from Chicago who contacted me about listening to a couple of tracks from her upcoming album. Now the one phrase that always works with women is 'yes dear', any other comment is likely to lead to storm fronts. No truer saying than 'hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. I downloaded Be The One and (what!? what!?) Hell Hath No Fury.

Yep, uh oh will about cover it.

Judging by the verbals on her Reverbnation page, Taryn does have a four piece band (although it's an extremely tasteful one) because both tracks are essentially acoustic and upon first hearing sounded like solo work. Continued listening shows a sing songwriter in the likeness of (say) Tracy Chapman, who she reminds me somewhat of. That might be the tenor of the track too mind. What I am trying to say here is that Taryn has a fairly unique vocal style, which generally tends to lead to a love it or hate it reaction. As someone who has spent years listening to everything the world has to offer, such distinctive vocals can be a blessing or a curse,

I have grown used to Taryn's style quite quickly but I put that down to those years spent etc but there will no doubt be some people who would moan that it doesn't sound right. No that's because it sounds different, give it time and it won't be so different, know what I mean? The other thing that kept me at it is that I love songs that have depth and complexity and these two tracks show that Taryn has the right medicine for what might ail you. Exactly what doctors are for innit? While I can't swear with my hand on my heart that I'm completely won over, I put that down to my own personal raucous standards and a style thing.

Recommended American alternative rock.

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DOCTARYN said...

WOW Thanks Steve!!! Really appreciate you taking the time to listen and write about us!