Thursday, June 30, 2011

Earth Prayer - Nine Days CD

Hear The Track Here

I have been known to go on (Ed: and on and on) about being the ultimate rock animal but the sad fact is that, since my children were born going out to live gigs was but a distant dream. Now that my children are of an age where they are not likely to burn the house down, I've been let off the domestic leash and have taken in a few locals gigs and bands, After all, I spend all month, every month, plowing through the requests from everywhere on Earth. I'd say it was only fair to give ME a go every once in a while. I went to see Earth Prayer on a cold, dull Wednesday night, at their CD launch party and - considering it was mid-week - the place was jammed and Earth Prayer delivered a great set of the songs from that CD. Proof of that is in the videos posted on their Facebook page. I was there, it really was like that.

Earth Prayer are a four piece North London band consisting of Heidi Jo Hines, Ian Montlake, Geoff Halden and Pete Cowan and classic rock is the name of the game. Just the thing if you need a rock shot in the arm and, let me tell you, Heidi Jo is a wailer (and I meant that in the best sense) from way back with a stage presence to match. It's hard being the front person in a band, especially one that rocks like a pack of wild dogs snapping at your heels, but Heidi Jo Hines has both the temperament and rock and rock history to know how to pull it off. This is a woman whose first breath was of the very essence of rock music and she has the family history to prove it. Comes as absolutely no surprise to me she is as confident and professional singer as you are ever likely to come across. A rock singer in the Janis mould....and her brother Laine Hines is just as handy..

Nine Days is an eleven track CD and I can honestly say that the sound on that is as powerful and exciting as the band is live. Take a listen to Civil War (my favourite), if that introduction doesn't get you into this band big time, you have no soul. There are five tracks from the CD on the band's pages and I heartily recommend you go and take a listen and if you happen to be a Londoner be real sure to try and catch them live. I have been around music so long I readily admit to a certain jaded cynicism towards a lot of bands but in the face of this CD and the live performance, I just might have hope...

Rock music as it used to be. MUST HAVE.

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