Monday, June 20, 2011

Mike B is for Byj - Average Joe

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Second time around for the oddly named Canadian musician known as Mike B is for Byj, or plain ol' Mike B for lazy writers like myself. Crybaby (April 2011) struck me as being a well crafted, if simple, acoustic song that had plenty to offer those interested in such things. I also commented that in light of the quality of the music I surmised that Mike B had been at it a while, certainly long enough to iron out the usual rough spots. Always a smart move, sports fans. Ok, it got a bit kind of mopy and it definitely belonged on the softer side of the musical bed but hey this is me, I'll sleep with anything!! (Ed: I'm sure he didn't mean that literally)

Sure wish you guys had been around the first time this Average Joe assailed my ears. It inspired me to use the longest four letter swearword known to man, and there aren't many tracks that make me do that. Given that the first track was all fluffy and all, the aural destruction wreaked in the opening bars of this one show that whatever he might be called, Mike B is no one trick pony. Damn me if the man hasn't come up with a very, very decent hard rock tune here. It's actually labelled as Power Pop but hard rock is what it bellows in my ears.

It's amazing how much can change with a few plays though, once the initial surprise had worn off. I didn't notice much wrong technically, as I said, this guy knows what he's doing. Materially though, you would probably have to like rock in general and rock pop in particular to get off on this bad boy. However, given the high standard of musicians around, this stands up very well indeed and shows that - no matter what - Mike B certainly gets off on it. Big plus right there, at least for me. If the musician is heard to having fun making the track, that only makes it more enjoyable for us, the listeners. Average Joe may indeed be average in lots of ways, but it's a very high average and shows what this musician is capable of.

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