Sunday, June 26, 2011

Alchemystic - Here For You Ft Road Apples

Hear The Track Here

Despite being two distinctly different types of musicians, Alchemystic and Road Apples have managed to find common ground at least three or four times now so what, on the surface of it, looks like an odd combination has been road tested already, listening should be a pleasure. Certainly I would expect such a thing from two veteran Soundclicker's. damn it they almost been around as long as me. I have a lot of time for these guys in their own right, so when they team up it should be double the pleasure, double the fun innit?

I know I am always going on about musical influences but even I caviled at the thought of this next comparison. Surely, I thought desperately, it couldn't have come to this? Was I finally getting past the point of no return? See, the image/sound that popped into my head the first moment I heard this, and has proved resistant to any shifting, this is so hard. Ok, deep breath, hold the gut in and.... Herman's Hermits!!! Yep, o disbeleiving eyeballs, none other than the original cheeky Mancunian who was popular for about five minutes in the wake of the Beatles and the Stones et al. What you get here is essentially a slice of what used to be called 'bubblegum' pop and it's been a very long time since I heard that.

So is this a bad thing? Well, depends where you are on this whole 'pop as entertainment' debate. Personally I love a good song and - by any yardstick - Here For You is a bloody wonderful pop song, musically too. OK, it is a little lightweight but tracks like this are made that way, that is the intention - easy in, easy out. Not sure who is one the vocals on this but whoever it is gives the track this English pop feel that fits it like a glove, and for my money makes it impossible to dislike it. I think both of these excellent musicians should be raising a celebratory glass or two for this new baby...

Highly Recommended pop from professionals.

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