Friday, June 17, 2011

Those Among Us - One

Hear The Track Here

It registered on me the other day that I've been reviewing internet based music for almost twenty years. Twenty ******* years!!! That led me on to thinking how much had changed since 1992. In those days, downloading was a pig, even though the files were tiny compared to the file sizes we deal with these days. Soundwise though is where things have changed most, from tiny 8 bit 'tracker' files to music that is extremely hard to tell from its commercial counterpart. So much so that these days it's easy for an unsigned band to get onto - say - your favourite computer game, Rock Band 2. Mind you, it has to be a bit special to cut through the amount of things Rock Band has in it's wake but if anyone can do good out of it is Those Among Us. My idea of yer actual rock band.

In case you've been living on Pluto (the planet, not the dog - wouldn't want to insinuate you are a flea) let me bring you up to speed. Those Among Us is a multinational band, including one Brit regular readers are only too well aware of, John Brandon (Silvertrain). Having reviewed and raved over both of their previous EP's - A Chance To Die (August 2010) and Disco Ball (February 2011), I was definitely up for round three. One is the first track from the upcoming EP of the same name and show that if any band deserves that Rock Band listing this one does. Ever wonder what music sounded like back in the day when music meant something, when the lyrics were just as meaningful? That's where Those Among Us put down roots.

I've watched this band with some interest since it got going a while ago because John Brandon is a good friend of mine and I wanted him to find his niche. The addition of Lino Gonzalez though has been a revelation and I can see his work on this so clearly, the man has been gaining in confidence all along - they all have - but damn it, this is just superb work. There is no doubt in my mind that you won't find much better rock pop, at least this side of the charts. Those Among Us are one of the brightest lights on Soundclick or anywhere else IMHO, especially if you like this kind of music. Me, I'll just bask in the glow of knowing all along that Mr Brandon et al had the goods all along. Just call me Mr Smug Git arf arf arf

(yet another) MUST HAVE.

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