Friday, June 24, 2011

Jane G33/picKOne - Right Track

Hear The Track Here

We first met this young female rapper (now there's a thing) when she was known as Jane Do3, so it's obvious she has a thing about threes. I reviewed her collaboration with another hip hop musician we've become familiar with - Daddy Go Go. Babel Remix (September 2010) was the track and pretty decent it was too, for old school rap. Things I Say (January 2011) was her first track with her new name and that was pretty decent too, if a little lightweight. That track was also - apparently - the introduction of Ackurate and the intention of going under the collective name of picKOne, although to be honest I can't remember if I noticed the male vocal or not - and the review certainly didn't explain it.

There again, my reviews never do, do they? ;)

So, the burning question of the hour is, could the Right Track be the right track?, if you know what I mean. Although I kinda like what Jane is doing, she has still to raise the bar to really get me noticing. After spending some time soaking up the teamwork that is definitely the hallmark of this terrific piece of contemporary hip hop and not a swearword in sight. See, you ******* it can be done!! The real treasure here is though is evident from the Hip Hop: Positive Vibes label, and leaps into your earholes like a friendly puppy, positivity personified. The kind of track that slaps a smile on your face for however long it lasts.

One of my prime requisites for hip hop rap is the ability to ride the beats correctly and the chorus of this track is a prime example of how to do it right and the interplay between Jane and Ackurate is right on the money. The music track helps enormously of course and should receive some special mention and knowing that she has used factory beats in the past, I wonder if this is one of them. The reason I question this is because the mix and rap on this is damn near perfect, and anyone who has worked with pre-made music knows full well how hard that is to pull off. The only real problem with the track is the incredibly abrupt cut-off. Had it not been for that, I suspect this would have got a much higher rating/

Highly Recommended nonetheless. G'head carry on... aiight.

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