Thursday, June 16, 2011

Mitchell Grey - Love At A Distance

Hear The Track Here

Mitchell Grey are a new name to me, a request this time through the review blog. They are a four piece Alternative rock band from New York with the centre being dominated by singer, songwriter and erstwhile ex-rapper singer/songwriter Ryan. Aided by Joe, Napon and Matt. All of which, being the ultimate lazy bastard, was gleaned in about five seconds from their website. More puzzlingly the track is attributed to Ryan Bandong but hey, whats in a name eh? Much more important for our purposes is to see whether the music is alternative, rock or any combination of the two.

Actually if you were to pin me down and demand an answer, I'd soil myself, so before that event I'd venture to say this was definitely the poppier end of the Alternative scale if you take mope/shoegaze at one end, and a light, breezy sing-a-long on the other. I have often commented before on the different perspectives Americans and Europeans on what constitutes rock - or indeed pop. American pop tends to be guitar heavy, lashing of vocals and mucho posturing - figuratively or otherwise. Now while this makes a good live show, it doesn't come across when the audience is one listener.

Nonetheless, Love At a Distance is a light, easy to grasp acoustic rock song, and aficionados of the genre will definitely be into the kind of goods Mitchell Grey are offering. What sold me on the track was the song and performance which shows that there is life and energy still left in an increasingly tired genre, only slightly let down by a fairly commonplace production that had no surprises up its sleeves or anywhere else. Not content with that I went squirreling out more info, all of which was answered with Wish On (Sunday) (Demo) - a video track - I found on You Tube. What Love At A Distance hints at, this song confirms with a vengeance that Mitchell Grey are something out of the ordinary.

Quality Alternative from NYC. Highly Recommended.

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