Saturday, June 25, 2011

Mista Perez - Your Version Of Love

Hear The Track Here

Last time we met Mista Perez is when he guested on Mike-K's I Won't Give Up (May 2011) and surprisingly enough I can only find one other review and that was in 2009. Could have sworn I've done more than that, although it seems not. Maybe I am counting the amount of plays this musicians track get played on certain (discerning obviously) internet radio stations. The truth is that radio stations would love the man's tasteful R&B flavoured offerings. It's smooth, it is sophisticated and it requires the installation of a brain module to fully appreciate. I have a kinda/sorta working brain but, for the life of me, never really saw the point is smooth music.

The bane of my life with Mike-K, I can tell ya...

In this case, Mista Perez is working with a really interesting Soundclick beat factory called Sindustry who, as well as the usual hip hop, ballad type beats also has some very tasty (and chunky) rock riffs for your amusement. The track used on Your Version Of Love is a good example of what that means; big drums, chunky guitars and shredders everywhere. Here again, is an instance where the music track is good enough to stand on its own, although the way Mista Perez has deployed it bears up well too.

Now while there are sections of this track that could be called smooth, the rock content far outweighs any cringe factor I may have suffered. More to the point, while listening to the Sindustry original, it's obvious what Mista Perez has used, and the way he did that and I always prefer to see where the track comes from. Two for the price of one, innit? The original is called You All Along, and you'll find it on their page. Mista Perez takes that solid bedrock and delivers a spirited rock vocal which I felt could have been a lot louder in the mix, but that is small critical change in this instance.

Recommended for the change of pace.

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