Friday, June 24, 2011

Cam's Even Song - First Sign Of Spring

Hear The Track Here

I suspect, and have done for a long time, that I live in a world full of blind people. Blind, deaf, dumb and stupid too if you want the whole list but let's concentrate just on the blindness otherwise we'll all go nuts. You, obviously, cannot be blind because here you are reading (yet another) rant from me. I speak, of course, of the overwhelming number of people who seem to see nothing at all, not you, not me, not the people they shove aside or stand on in their rush to fulfill themselves on illusions cooked up by business and industry. Ask yourself something. When was the last time you looked at the sky? Observed the flow of humanity around you? If your answer is 'I don't get the question' then you most assuredly don't and I am talking to thin air.

Like Cam I notice things, especially - as Cam would have it - the many works of God. Trees, flowers, skies, seas, mountains, deserts; it all fascinates and enthrals me, and Cam's First Sign of Spring is his salute to the beauty of the season of growth and renewal. Set suitably, as I would have expected from such a musician in the correct context; classical music. Now stop making faces like lemons and going eewwww under your breath, classical music may not be to everyones taste, but when it is done and performed in the right manner, it is still a much more powerful form of music than rock music could ever be. Now, you know I am a well known philistine, and that may be a breath-taking statement from one such as me, but the truth is the truth.

Actually, First Sign of Spring has been a well respectable number one in the Classical: Chamber Music, even though it is - in fact - a song. Mind you, before we go there I have to say that this could just have easily stood up on its own as an instrumental and - dare I say this? - I might have even had a little touch of irritation with the song and that was a surprise. This is Cam we are discussing. My Artist Of The Year 2000something, a man whose songs and voice have become an institution in my life. Luckily it does wear off and you get to hear the track as a whole but hey, seriously threw me there :)

Excellent, deserving of its chart place. MUST HAVE for fans for sure.

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