Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Thomas J Marchant - Everyone That's Someone

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Never one to mince his words, Thomas J Marchant has worked up a fine body of aptly titled tracks. You may remember, for example, I Am Really, Really Tired (February 2011) which is essentially a song about how '******* tired' he is. I leave in the cute little ** because there is quite a bit of the ol' profanity in the track, which just goes to show he isn't too tired to cuss. As usual when dealing with this musician, best to leave all preconceptions at the door and while a tad unruly, the song was exactly what we had come to expect from this very singular songwriter.

So, in truth, Everyone That's Someone isn't actually a new song, it's a re-working of the lyrical content of Really Tired which is a good thing because it contains some Marchant gems such as 'don't wanna be a soldier no more but this f*** in' desert doesn't seem to have a door'. It's an orchestrated piece to whereas Really Tired was just the man and his geetar. Having said that, the feel of the original has been brought into this track, and that pleases me greatly because it was part of that tracks main charm.

Thomas has long played with other bits of software and I know he's been fiddling with my favourite - FL Studio - and that is immediately apparent once Everyone That's Someone starts to roll. Damn me, it's even got a (kinda/sorta) lead riff! For someone like me, steeped in years of Marchant sound chicanery, this is the track the original yearned to be and I am glad he made the effort to fix what was wrong with the original. Seems highly inappropriate to use the word 'fix' here because - truth to be told - outside of a certain roughness of sound and arrangement, the original was fine, in an oddball kind of way.

Recommended ******* song.

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