Sunday, June 26, 2011

Wiredrawn (UK) - I Am Atlas

Hear The Track Here

Wiredrawn (UK) is a brand new name to me, and I suspect, Soundclick too judging by page activity but that doesn't stop Patrick Baird (aka Wiredrawn) yakking eight tracks up there for you all to listen to. Would you want to? Well, that kind of depends whether you like so called alternative music. Me, I can take or leave the more rocky versions of the genre, although I do admire some of the mopy/dopy shoe gazing kind for all my sins.To be honest, I think most of it is to be too derivative to be really useful or too stand out above the massive crowd surrounding it.

Manchester, surprisingly enough, was the city most linked with the Miserablist movement exemplified initially by Echo and the Bunnymen and famously by master moper himself, Morrisey and the Smiths. When you play this track, and I do indeed suggest you do, that is probably the first thing that will strike you. Patrick is not Morrisey though, and when the track has time to setlle, you'll realise that the connection is a tenuous one at best. For a start, I am Atlas is about a thousand times more melodic than anything the Smiths ever did. Moreover, not a sign of the Smiths secret weapon - Johnny Marr.

After I'd become familiar with the track, it became apparent that it wasn't the geographical sound that was bringing up this comparison, it was the style of the track. Cast your mind back, if you are old enough, to the early-middle 1980's where true Miserablism was born. See, after a while the style of the song, and the arrangement in particular, put me in minds of bands like The Associates, Aztec Camera et al... Either way, it's for sure a track that deserves a better fate than most shoegaze tracks so go grab and earful and see what you think and stop being so lazy...

Highly Recommmended UK Alternative.

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