Saturday, June 18, 2011

Densyl - Spring Is Here/The Storm

Hear The Track Here

Regular (and observant readers) will notice during the course of this review that something creeps in that we thought we'd dealt with a while ago, but the problem appears to be back. Not, I hastily add, anything to do with Densyl...oh no, I'm talking about another character. Aside from a couple of musical misunderstandings Densyl and I have reached some sort of agreement about his work. Me, having stated that I prefer his collaborative efforts a lot, but often find his solo material a bit too smooth for my taste but there again it has taken me an even dozen songs to find that out. Said observant readers would also have noted that there two tracks mentioned here.

So far so huh?, eh?

Having sowed my regular bag of confusion let's start with Spring Is Here (no doubt with a tra la la in the process). A collaborative effort with another Soundclick musician I have a lot of time for, Ralph Atkinson, Spring Is Here is a class example of how to produce a beautifully rounded, deep sound and is co-produced and written by the duo. Some lovely vocal harmonies here, 'bet they melt your heart'... Not sure who did what musically, but who cares when it sounds as good as this. It also showed me something I hadn't known. Whenever I approach a Densyl track, especially one with such a positive title, I get a frisson of fear? Only a well qualified trick cyclist (Ed: psychiatrist) could make any sense of that, and it might well drive the doc crazy too. Such is the Gilmore curse...

Now, the subject of the opening paragraph, The Storm is a collaboration between Densyl and yet another Soundclick musician - Larry Ludwick. Now before you all start shouting not again, not again, here's what I have to say about it. I swear on my honour that he will NOT appear in any other review this month. (Ed: to blow some smoke up Gilmore's butt, Larry got three reviews one month and no doubt felt the smacked wrist...NOT). Again, not sure of the nature of the musical intercourse (Ed: can't say that!) other than it could only be Larry on vocals. Take it as read that I would run a mile from something labelled as Adult Contemporary, and that would be a shame because if you know and like these artists, this is a terrific collaboration.

Double the pleasure, innit? Highly Recommended on both.

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