Friday, October 24, 2008

The Antennaheadz - Everyone is Weird

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Look at this now. Here is an exercise in irony (hint, not the stuff your Mom does). Talk about the pot calling the kettle black. Seriously from my very first encounter with this artist over four years ago, weirdness has been the watchword, along with difficult, obtuse, irritating, baffling and any number of other oddities of life. Although he started off life weird even I have to admit that - of late - the man has become positively conventional and that is a quality I would never, in a month of Sundays, have ascribed to this artist. The Antennaheadz, as you may have gathered is yer actual one man band, the man in this case being the infamous Thomas J. Ah, yes, that guy. Hey, don't knock it, said guy has been delivering some VERY strong tracks this past year.

Mmmm, not so frisky now are we?

Everyone is Weird is a track from The Antennaheadz new EP Let Them Down Gently available through Pilesar's excellent left field Chameleon Dish Archives label, and that's an astute move on Pilesars part. Even for the most lame eared amongst us would recognise that Thomas J has grasped a tiger by the tail. That tiger being a change of direction into an extremely charming lo-fi, sub Syd Barrett songwriter stylee. By anybody's lights, you can't say that The Antennaheadz are the peak of sound expertise, but with this style that really doesn't matter in the slightest. In fact, is this music were done any other way it just wouldn't be right.

Now obviously, given the content, it isn't going to appeal to everyone but I personally really like this new style because - in amongst all of this - is usually a clever, witty song performed with great charm and sincerity. It wouldn't endear him to most people though because, after a while, you realise that he's basically calling everybody weird except him - which brings us smartly back to where we started this review. I like The Antennaheadz and I am not afraid to say it. Sure there are/and always will be technical issues with this artist but when you put it against tracks of this quality I just got to say I couldn't give a toss about production values and sing this songs chorus 'o, everyone is weird, yeah everyone is weird, yeah everyone is weird except me'

A world of his own sure enough. Highly Recommended oddity and a MUST HAVE for fans.

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