Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Sound Radius - The Rose Ft Sablade

Hear The Track Here

Seems like bloody ages since I last heard this very talented Canadian instrumentalist, and now I have looked I see it is almost a year since I reviewed Opus 2007 Symphonic Rock Demo (January 2008). If the names Hans Zimmer, Trevor Rabin, Basil Poleudoris, Danny Elfman and John Williams mean more you to a roll call, then you will know that Sound Radius operates in the Film Music genre and hopefully you know my own bias against it. Takes a very, very special talent to break through the amount of hatred I usually have for this style but Sound Radius does this often, and with great ease.

Ever since I heard and reviewed The Power Within Score (December 2006) I have been a dedicated fan of this musicians work. He has yet to give me another track with the absolute power and emotion of The Power Within but this is one musician I really don't have to worry about because its only a matter of time. Surprisingly enough, The Rose is actually billed as World General and to be honest, I find no fault with that. Moreover, its actually a song, with a singer and lyrics; although those lyrics are not online and it is a hard task to get the sense of them, even after continued playing.

When I say continued playing, with this track I really mean it. True to form Sound Radius makes some of the most gorgeously lush music you are likely to hear online, combining that style with a clean clear mix and an absolutely faultless arrangement. For my money, I could have done with a lot more vocal presence, Sablade has a rich voice but one that needs a lot more attention to tone and depth in the production process to really make it register. Nonetheless, The Rose is beautiful even with that slight flaw and reminds me - only in style though - of some of Enya's work.

Excellent, haunting world music track. Highly Recommended.

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