Sunday, October 19, 2008

Wreckless Music (Ejay) - Old Times

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As I've pointed out often enough before, Ejay in this case is a USA based rapper and nothing whatsover to do with the program of the same name. This Ejay was around well before the software. At this stage of the game I have reviewed (I think) at least five of this artists tracks and - like others artists in the genre at Soundclick - I have come to develop a taste for his clean flow even if his profanity more than makes up for that. Obviously a Parental Advisory on this track then, as there are on many of this artists tracks. That's because Ejay (and friend Sammy on this outing) tends to be a straight up kind of guy who is not afraid to buck the norm. This wasn't evident to me until So Focused (Stand Up) (June 2008) and Shine ft Shaky Shake (September 2008), two blistering tracks that show what this rapper is capable of.

Better be a big fan of extraeous noise though because the tracks starts of as if you were listening to vynil complete with scratches that a few years would have driven an audiophile to suicide. Me, I kinda like the atmosphere that this intro sets because it makes the opening stanzas of the rap much more effective. So, as a rapper let me give you an example of just why I think Ejay is that bit special. Old Times is a nod of respect to the way hip hop developed and a very worthy one it is too, but it's the lyrics of that first stanza that nail the track down. I don't often quote lyrics but these are special to me: F*** those imitating fakes, running after everything that shine bright, think about the history of rap music nothing to do with the bling bling and s*** like that. [that] stuff is making me sick.

That gets it said alright.

"All I need" some sultry women pour liquid honey into your ears during the chorus "[is] time" and it's that chorus that for me, seals the deal on this excellent track. Now I know much about the history of hip hop and rap and I agree absolutely with Ejay that the current crop of wannabes do not have a fekkin clue. Good job then that - on Soundclick anyway - some good men (and maybe women) who are not afraid to go against the prevailing wind of gangstas, guns, drugs and death. Hiphop/rap has always been a life affirming music, something that would lift peoples spirits to maybe a higher state. Death has no place in that.

The Message.  MUST HAVE (for the rap, but the music cuts it too)

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