Wednesday, October 22, 2008

LeO IcON9 ByTE19 - Night @ Alcazar

Hear The Track Here

OK feast your eyes on that bandname above because I am ****** if I am going to keep repeating it through this review. Suffice to say that Leo, Icon and Byte are three of the musicians involved in the band - with Dee and Bob E making up the full compliment. Now looking at these five gentlemen on their Soundclick page you may assume (like I did while downloading the track) that they were either a hiphop/rap outfit or a soul/jazz band of some kind, For me, I decided that they didn't really look like a bunch of wannabe gangsters so I automatically assumed that I would be getting some retro EWF clone banging away at my eardrums. It wasn't until I sat down to right todays reviews that I realised that I had been way, way way off target.

First impressions? Fugem!

The extremely peaceful, relaxing piece of out and out electronica I had been grooving away to for the past few days was from none other than this oddly named artist. Indeed, now I see that this is billed as Dance Electronica I can see why it has that well deserved billing. All the way through this track though I kept getting the feeling that there was something else supposed to happen, and it never did. Mind you, what was happening was definitely good enough being a neat little backing track that settles on a groove and digs it until the cows come home.

When I looked at their page again though while writing this review I came across a comment that this was in fact still a work in progress and that there was 'still a ways to go'. Well, I do agree with that but I'm not sure mastering this is the last stage in that. It does sound mighty fine, as I say, and should in fact master up a treat; what worries me is that something missing. Certainly as a sparse peice of electronic chillout this really hits the spot but is it enough to hit the spot repeatedly? Not in my books, no.  Mind you, seeing as their latest CD is music from a short film, who knows what the end result will be. Interesting introduction though and one I'd be well keen to hear finished.

Highly Recommended electronic chillout.

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