Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Cam's Even Song - Mythology

Hear The Track Here

Doing a search through my review archives is never slower than when search for this artists work. I must have written reams and reams of blah-di-blah about this likeable Canadian pop rock Christian artist, and I'm not the only one to do that. Fact is, in his 194 years on Soundclick (no, seriously) Cam's Even Song has become the affirmed favourite of a great many people. Sure, he was never going to get the attention of the majority of the crowd (ie hip hop) but he does manage to get his stuff across to many different people. That, and his online personna, is the reason why I named him Artist of the Year 2006 in my own shabby awards ceremony...

and you can only get one of them ;)

While other artists may think to coast awhile on such adulation (Ed: Gilmore delusions; a potent force), Cam just kept on cranking out Must Have after Must Have. Those fortunate to know about one of Soundclick's brightest songwriter will already be aware that this artist is a) prolific as the East Bunny and; b) can make a song about almost anything. Take, for example, Mythology. It was inspired by a session with the Age Of Mythology game and, knowing Cam, he read much into it; also another highlight of his songwriting style.

I can eulogise forever about his songwriting abilities but it wouldn't mean squat if he couldn't deliver it and Cam not only did that, he added extra bonuses. For a long time Cam's technical and musical skills were generally working in tandem (which is why he is so good) but on this track I am stunned by his growing grip on arrangement. Yeah, the whole premise sounds well shaky but believe me the track is anything but shaky. Vocally and musically it is class Cam all the way, and one of the best tracks I have ever heard from him. All this is absolutely gob-smacking (Ed: amazing) when you take into account that this whole track is just one guy.

Cam, right on the money as usual. MUST HAVE

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